BELOW LEFT - Mum and Charlotte                                                                         BELOW RIGHT - Charlotte and Madeleine

BELOW LEFT - Charlotte 13th August 2009                                                               BELOW RIGHT - Playing with Charlotte 

BELOW LEFT - Charlotte 26th August 2009                                                               BELOW RIGHT - Bath 14th August 2009 

BELOW LEFT- Medications list                                                                           BELOW RIGHT - Miss Galaxy

BELOW LEFT- 22nd August back in the ward                                                      BELOW RIGHT - Dressing removed

BELOW LEFT-  17th August  - 7am                                                                    BELOW RIGHT - Coogee

BELOW  - 1 hour before operation #2 effects of premed


BELOW - After operation 2                                                                                 BELOW - Day after operation 2

ABOVE and RIGHT - Chemo Round 2 

ABOVE - Love our T-Bones!

LEFT - Charlotte on chemo drip

BELOW LEFT - No hospital food!                                                                        BELOW RIGHT - One just isn't enough!

BELOW LEFT - Nov 11 Sharing the love                                                                BELOW RIGHT - Nov 11 Hair is almost gone!

BELOW LEFT - Post chemo round 4 

Above - Charlie's 2nd Birthday 

Above - Love my lamb shank! 

Above - Operation to remove hydrocephalus 29 April 2010 

Above - Post op 

Above - Time in hospital with Madeleine 

 Above - What a head!

Left - Round 15 

ABOVE - Round 20 - No place for a toddler!

Zac Efron and the girls! 

Cheery attached to an EVD 

Run4Fun Day 

ABOVE - Star runners! 

 ABOVE - Our medals

Charlotte and Nurse Tina - Waiting for face painting by MAC 

Cheeky Charlie and friend Olive 

 ABOVE - Charlotte March 2011

LEFT - Charlotte October 2010 

BELOW - Charlotte turns 3! April 2011 


Charlie at Oatley Park, Feb. 2012  (below)



Above: Car Seat and iPod

Left: 4th Birthday! 

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