There has been good progress since Rod posted the previous message (8am this morning) Charlotte has been taken off the ventilator and is breathing on her own, she has full movement of the left side of the body, the MRI showed that Erica had removed all but 25% of the tumour and she is kicking, pulling and moving well. In fact she is being quite hard work.

She will remain in intensive care for at least another night and will be monitored carefully. We are waiting eagerly for the pathology to determine the next course of action. She has a long and difficult road ahead. But we are so very hopeful.

Thanks again to all those who have cooked, prayed, text, visited and thought about us this week. We love our Charlie and can't wait to have her home in the future. Keep praying for her she has another operation, chemotherapy and possibly more medical intervention to come.

Love to you all,

Beck, Rod and Madeleine xxoo