*Today I realised that I am a parent of a child with cancer. When I talk about Charlotte's tumour it is just a clinical lump in her head. But it's CANCER! It took all the self-control in the world not to burst into tears and sob as I sat in the lecture theatre today. But, there was just too much to learn about the road ahead for Charlie and the road ahead for Rod and I. We can not cure her, we can not take the tumour out, we can't even spare her the physical pain, but we can be the strongest, most positive and well-informed parents we possibly can. So we listened, wrote notes and absorbed all that the doctors and specialists had to say about the huge spectrum, that is childhood cancer.

I was grateful again today for the impeccable timing of things at SCH.

The conference was very timely, at the beginning of our journey with Charlotte. The myriad of topics included: immunising a child on chemotherapy and steroid treatments, clinical trials and treatments being tested, the psychology of childhood cancer from psychologist John Spinetta (via video conference from San Diego), Learning from others'

experiences, individualised therapy, relapse and targeted therapy research.

We are now waiting for the histology and neurological team to devise a plan for Charlotte. They are hoping to operate again this week.

Charlotte and Madeleine had a great weekend together and spent most of the time laughing at each other. We walked to Coogee on Saturday (Charlotte was given leave!), had coffee and enjoyed the outdoors. This was the first time we had all been together for three weeks. Bliss!

Thanks again for all the messages, prayers, calls and visits. Happy National Literacy and Numeracy Week to all at SPC and congratulations to Noel, Paul, Miriam and the team for the production of /A Few Good Men.

/Love to you all,

Beck and Rod xxoo