I think Rod and I are beginning to feel fatigue set in and are quite anxious about Charlotte's results. NO NEWS STILL!!


On a lighter note, Charlie's physio session went really well this morning and she enjoyed being somewhere new. She also had her central line removed, which was a slightly painful and distressing procedure for her. However, the result is a line/monitor free existence, which has to feel so much better. The nurses (Rod and I) are now administering her meds orally or with food.


We were allowed to take Charlotte for a stroller ride outside this afternoon. They wanted us to stay clear of the rest of the hospital, as there are a few bugs going around. So, going outside was even better!


The neurologists have decreased her anti-seizure drugs, so we are mindful of Charlotte's state and the fact that she may have another episode if the levels are not quite right. They are also weaning her off the steroids slowly. She is looking really well and we have included some recent pictures of her on the ward. She is very happy with herself in her new nightie from Aunty Bec.


Madeleine is becoming increasingly aware of Charlotte's illness and asks very purposeful and concerned questions about her progress. With Charlotte's strong recovery and improvement, we are trying to spend more time with Madeleine.


We are taking one day at a time and wish to continue our thanks for the food, prayers, assistance with all life's necessities, visits and gifts for the girls.


Thanks again,


Beck and Rod xxoo