What a year! We have experienced moments of absolute despair, anguish, elation, relief and complete exhaustion. Yet at the end of each day we have a beautiful , exuberant, charming and cheeky Charlie whose smile renews our strength to make it through the next day. She has grown into an extraordinary girl who lights up the room and puts a smile on even the grumpiest face.


The year has had an effect on Madeleine, she becomes anxious if either Beck or I go to hospital and misses Charlie terribly whilst she is gone, that's not to say they don't have some good old sibling fights when they are together. Madeleine has been asking some very pertinent questions about Charlie's condition and treatment, which suggests she is aware of the gravity of Charlie's condition.


Yes, it was absolutely the most horrible news to receive one year ago. However, we have all grown stronger, we view the world through more focused eyes, we have met some amazing families that deal with parenthood at a completely different level, and brilliant medical staff that devote so much of themselves for the benefit of others. It does change your life and I think it has, for the better.


We don't see our friends as often in order to keep Charlie away from possible infections. Beck misses work but is enjoying her studies in Masters of Education and doing exceptionally well with two distinctions to-date. To mark the day, regrettably, Beck spent most of today in bed sick and probably exhaustion had something to do with it.


The price of a schooner at my new local, The Royal at Randwick, has gone up 50 cents in a year, we have a female ranga running the country (I'm not suggesting that's a bad thing). They found Harold Holt who decided to come out of hiding along with all the other has been Prime Ministers trying to cash in on the election!!!


We have also found true friendship and care from our family, friends and associates who have so warmly embraced our families plight. Thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to finishing chemo and enjoying watching Charlotte embrace life as a three year old. We are currently waiting for a date for Charlotte's surgery and the recommencement of chemo (round 22). We are counting down!


Love Rod, Beck, Madeleine and Charlie