On the evening of Beck's last post Charlotte went in for emergency surgery to remove the poracath. We were able to view the portacath post op, it was quite evident that at some stage a needle had pierced the back of the portacath, hence the leak. No doctors or nurses alike have ever seen such an occurrence. In an abstract way it is just as well Charlotte became ill with the roto virus (still tonight she was vomiting), if she was to go in to chemo as per the schedule tomorrow, she will be given Vincristine (which eats skin/flesh cells). As you can imagine the resultant effects could have been horrendous.

Tomorrow afternoon Charlote should have her new port installed on the other side of her body(she will now have the scars that reflect a breast implant on both sides). It is possible they will start the chemo tomorrow evening.

Beck and I are doing it tough at present, with time at home being rare and many difficult times at the hospital. We never thought it was going to be easy, but fair suck of the sav.

On a lighter note. Some time ago we were in room 1 on C3West, we returned the other day, per chance. to the same room after having been to many rooms in between. During which time I had noticed I had miss placed my sun glasses(surprise, surprise). I mentioned this to Beck who in turn told me try the emergency equipment storage at the back of the bed, there under the equipment lay my sunglasses, all be it a little dusty!!!