We had a tremendous time away with our friends down the South Coast around the New Year. We managed to be away, altogether, for two weeks and even experienced sunny beach weather. Charlie loves the beach and is at peace at the house down the coast. She is quite a free spirit and was happy to run bare foot in the bush and on the beach for two whole weeks.  Her highlight was watching our neighbour (down the coast) pull down an enormous gum tree and use it for fire wood! She sat with Madeleine for 45 minutes, eating grapes and watching intently!

Charlotte is finally, after much perseverance, sleeping through the night. It has meant that we all started the New Year with brighter eyes and feeling like life is like it once was prior to Charlotte’s diagnosis. She is doing ballet and started swimming lessons. She is hard work for her preschool teachers but we did warn them!!!! Last week, before I drove her to preschool, I asked her what she needed to remember for the day. She replied nonchalantly; “I don’t know!” So, I said again. “Yes, you do. What do you have to remember?” Batting her eyelids and flicking her mop of a fringe away from her eyes, she replied: “Don’t strangle anyone and sit down when I eat!” We have some work ahead of us!!! As serious as I am with her, it is HARD not to laugh!!!!!

As I am writing this post the girls have been making craft kites in the backyard and are now sitting in a blow-up pool with three inches of water; with Rod. Too funny for words!! It has been years since I have sat peacefully watching the kids together and not felt exhausted or worried about Charlie. We were at Oatley park last weekend, the girls were playing and Charlie was laughing so hard at Madeleine that I could hardly believe that she was my child. What a difference a year has made for Charlotte. The simple things! I am feeling very grateful.

Charlotte’s next scan is early May so I will write again around this time to let you know how she is travelling. In the meantime we are thinking of ways to support Gold Week for the Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick. The Foundation currently has all the events up on their website if anyone wants to attend a function or donate to the Telethon on the 11 June (long weekend) the information is all there.

Take care and much love,

Beck and Rod xo