Charlotte needed to have a follow-up MRI yesterday to make a comparative analysis of fluid growth on the right hand side of the brain. Not only was the result good but she came out of the general anaesthetic well too. Chemotherapy only took the day but they kept her in over night for observation following her septic shower and consequent seizure two weeks ago. Concerned about all the above-mentioned issues I didn’t prepare myself for any sickness following the chemo. Round one of the cycle is usually the one that she does not get nauseous or vomit. Well, not last night! At five minutes to midnight her ondansatron (anti-nausea medication) wore off and she was really sick. Unfortunately, we were sharing the ward with a lovely family from Gymea Bay and another Father and his young son. They too had to try and sleep through Charlotte’s vomiting from midnight until 5.30 am. This was coupled with the noises from the nurses station which was right in front of our ward. Tranquil!!

We were discharged this morning and we ventured back in this afternoon at 4pm for her G CSF (Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) needle which is a hormone booster to enable neutrophils to fight infection. This needle can only be given 24 hours post chemotherapy. She is eating well today and I am hopeful that she will rest well this evening…. me too!

I am so exhausted tonight that I can not write any more. All the holding Charlotte down whilst needles are given, watching her like a hawk when she is attached to the chemo drip line, negotiating medications, medical questions, follow-up appointments, lack of sleep has worn me down today. The bed is calling!

I hope that everyone is doing well back at work after the New Year and all the teachers who haven’t ventured back quite yet enjoy the last week of holidays. Rod went back yesterday after nearly three weeks off and we all had withdrawals. Charlotte made me check each room for her Dadda.

Love to you all,

Beck and Rod xo