Well it is 6 weeks down and the clock starts again as we move on to the next phase, Chemotherapy.

It was a trying day for Beck and Charlotte today. She was up as bright as a button at 430am had to fast for her operation which was suppose to be this afternoon. At 5pm we were informed the operation was cancelled. It is still uncertain whether the operation will take place tomorrow, she does have to fast again from 6am.They can not commence chemo until the portacath op has been done.

We have now moved up to the Oncology ward C2West which has a better set up and a somewhat more relaxed vibe. This will be our periodical home for the next 12 months or so.

It was great to have some family time over the weekend. I must say it was a rather strange feeling. It was the first time we have stopped together to take count of the situation whilst removed from the hospital enviroment. A difficult feeling to describe!


Rod, Beck, Maddy and Charlie