I have always said that every time that I am in hospital with Charlotte there seems to be a drama. Well, Rod took Charlotte in on Monday for round 11 of chemo. The bloods were done, bed was ready and she had the whole ward to herself. She didn’t throw up and she was discharged by Tuesday lunch time with no worries!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Rod has just reminded me that Charlotte did wake at 3am unsettled and he did endure that screeching of other sick children throughout the night. But overall it was quite smooth sailing for a stay in hospital. On Charlotte’s arrival home Madeleine ran to her with glee, arms thrown open and Charlotte shrieked running in her wobbly way for a full body embrace… they are so gorgeous together. Don’t fear that all turns to pot after a day of having to share toys and take turns, once again. Don’t you love sibling love!

We had our first home administration of the G CSF needle (Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) on Tuesday. I was given some simple training by nurses during Charlotte’s last injection which followed round 9. Rod was given the kit to take home so we would be ready to give the injection 24 hours after the completion of the chemotherapy. After I declared that I was ready to give Charlotte the needle at home I realised that I was happier to make the drive back into hospital for the nurses to do it instead. Silly fears aside, we got ourselves prepared, Madeleine held Charlie’s arms down and talked to her, Rod held her legs (she is a fighter) and I prepared the skin and injected her. All I kept hearing was the nurse say; “45 degrees and pull out at the same angle to reduce discomfort and bruising”. I am sure she said much more than that but that was all I could remember. Let’s hope I did it correctly because her temperature was up tonight and we are just waiting for the G CSF to kick in, as the Cyclophosphamide really depletes wbc.


Beck and Rod xo