Another round down.

I took Charlotte in last Monday morning for round 12 it was always going to be a big 4 days with 3 hours of pre-hydration 48hrs of continuous feed Cisplatin followed by 24hrs of post hydration. I had 3 night shifts at Qantas, meaning Beck had to endure 3 nights in the hospital. Charlotte shared the room with 3 other kids which does help to keep her entertained, you do also hear other families trials and tribulations. Thankfully Charlotte was only sick once, although was quite tired throughout.

Beck has now finely tuned the anti-nausea medicine(Ondansetron) to be given on the 7th hour, not the prescribed 8th, to get the best results. We missed the boat last night with the regrettable result of Charlie throwing up at 5am this morning including the contents of last nights fish, milk and the residual chemo, not a nice combination of fermented smells.

We went for a nice day at the park yesterday, in Charlottes' excitement at seeing the swings she lost control of her feet and fell flat on her forehead, resulting in an immediate lump, thankfully she quickly dusted her self off and set of for the swings, all was well.

Till next time,

Rod, Beck, Madeleine and Charlie