After two days of chemo and hydration Charlotte was quite nauseated and wanted to come home. The room was full and as noisy as ever! I guess even Charlotte has had enough. As the saying goes; "if it's too good to be true it probably is!" Well, after five hours at home Rod took her back to emergency; febrile and neutropeonic.


She had no white blood cells or neutrophils (the enablers!) so we have been in hospital since. We are in the back bay of C2 west which is enormously quieter and Charlie has her friends Georgie and Olive to help pass the day. We have all enjoyed the company and even been for coffee at the hospital cafe. Despite extremely poor bloods Charlotte continues to walk the corridors and visit the nurses and other patients. She paints, plays and refuses to stay still. Even David (doctor) can't believe how much energy and perseverance she has. Today was the first sign of an improvement in her bloods. She has 1.3 white blood cell count and we are thrilled! Tomorrow is MRI day and we are hoping for no tumour. We are nearing 16 months since diagnosis and are feeling the strain of this extraordinary journey. But Charlotte's last round of chemo (28) is scheduled for next Thursday and I am hoping that we all have some reprieve.


Everyone on C2 west is so excited about Charlotte's last round and there have even been some teary eyes and sadness about the end of Charlotte's time on C2 West, well hopefully!


We will keep you posted!


Beck and Rod xo