A pleasant and quiet day was had by all. Charlie and Dallas (her mate in the bed across) played soccer in their room, a few patients left today so there was heaps of room. Before Charlie could think about it she had regained her confidence and was walking around all by herself laughing and carrying on. It was great to have our old Charlie back.

It's a shame they have to go back in to get more tumor out. It does look like it may be this Thursday when the operation will happen.

We were notified this afternoon by our social worker that she will be taking us down to a meeting tomorrow at 11am with the entire medical team, this time including the oncologist, who we assume has the histology results. It appears all will be laid on the table at this meeting.

We have been anxiously awaiting this moment, now it is upon us it we feel scared, daunted yet hopeful and positive. Then there are thoughts of disillusionment, hey she is ok, just look at her she is like her old self there is nothing wrong with her.

At least after tomorrow we will have a better idea of what lies ahead.


Rod, Beck, Maddy, and Charlie