For the days leading up to chemo Charlotte was suggesting she wanted to go to hospital, I guess she was missing her friends, after all it is the place she has spent more time in the last 15 months than any other. However, once we got to the hospital she was repeatedly saying, "no hospital Dada no chemo Dada". She is certainly becoming very much aware.


Again we were in our standard room full with 3 other kids ranging from 12 to 24 months old all including Charlotte seemingly taking it in turns to scream or cry throughout the night, but who could blame them, it is enough to send any person insane, Beck and I think we may have reached that point too.


Charlotte did endure the 4 days of  Metholtrexate Chemo well despite a platelet transfusion and hemoglobin transfusion, indicating why she was previously so pale and bruised. She has also been quite nauseous.


Charlotte's 2nd last round begins this Wednesday(pending Nurses strike). She is remarkably well given the circumstances although does have some serious hair envy issues, pulling on Madeleine's hair often and regularly asking when she will get hair back and why she doesn't have hair.


Her body is tired but her spirit does not wane. She and Madeleine are VERY excited about Christmas and when shopping today Madeleine ran to Santa for a chat. Charlotte, on the other hand, screamed cried and clung to us tight! Maybe she will share the Christmas spirit with Madeleine next year!


Until next time,


Rod and Beck xo