I'm sure you were anxiously awaiting the results of today's MRI. Hooray! The MRI indicated no evidence of any tumor. As you can imagine Beck and I were extremely relieved.

The last week Beck and I have been extremely grateful to have spent both Christmas and New years at home as a family, yet at the same time been growing in anxiety to the point of sleeplessness in anticipation of today's results.

The MRI procedure took twice as long as normal today(2.5hours), heightening our anxiety. We later found out it was due to the fact Charlotte had a cold, trouble incubating her and they had difficulty extracting blood, which was required for today's anticipated chemo, among other issues.

We were overwhelmed with joy to learn the news Charlotte had no evidence of any cancerous cells. However, she did to be not recovering very well from her procedure as per normal.

Not long after my departure from hospital his afternoon things quickly went down hill. Charlotte's temperature spiked to 41 C, Beck noticed Charlotte was non responsive and called for the doctor. Then Charlotte had a seizure lasting 10 minutes. In the mean time vomiting every where and blood coming from a cannula being dislodged that had been installed for the MRI. This resulted in a total of 18 medical staff being in the room by the end of the ordeal.

Charlotte is now stable and in ICU (intensive Care unit) for 24hrs. She will not be undergoing chemo at least until tomorrow. She is again under the effect of a cocktail of drugs we have for so long been trying to wean her.

The general consensus among the various doctors is that Charlotte may have contracted a "bug" through the various IV insertions made today, thus causing her temp to spike to 41 C. The fact she had a cold which restricted her air ways, her already low immunity and the effect of going under a general anesthetic contributed to the effect of a seizure.

As you can imagine the emotional roller coaster has been tortuous for Beck and me. Your support during this "festive" season has been greatly appreciated. Regrettably I am sure we will continue this year, this blog, with an ongoing commentary on the life of Charlotte.

We look forward to and appreciate your continued support.

Love always,

Rod, Beck, Madeleine & Charlotte.