After Charlotte’s last round of chemo we ventured back into hospital 24 hours later for her G CSF needle, spent one night at home and Charlotte became febrile. We were back in emergency by Saturday lunch time. After nearly 48 hours on a broad spectrum antibiotic drip she returned home and had been really well. We even made it out on Australia Day!

On Wednesday night we were all packed up and ready for chemo on Thursday morning. Before I put her to bed I even had a tear in my eye when I took her temperature and it was normal. I was so relived to have made it to the designated day without illness in between. Thursday morning I woke, had a shower, ate breakfast and should have realised that Charlotte’s sleep-in was a result of ill-health and not her thoughtfulness for waking me up at 5am the previous morning. When I picked her up out of the cot she was burning and started to rigor. Her temperature was 39.7 degrees! I packed the car and raced her to emergency. She is now in the newly renovated chemo ward and her temperature has only just come down this evening. I had returned home to be with Madeleine and have a break from the sleeplessness of hospital life. I am hoping that Rod has a somewhat peaceful night with only four hourly obs tonight. I know, peaceful is not the right word a state of stillness punctuated with the beeping of the drip machine, nurses coming and going regularly, Charlotte crying as she is woken and the subsequent resettling.

If all goes well she will probably start round 10 on Monday. Despite being another 5 days behind we are hopeful that we can get through this by the years’ end. Hopeful……. "the grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for". Perhaps this is why we still feel happy and committed the majority of the time!

Thanks for all the positive feedback regarding the article "Charlie’s New Start" in The St George Leader. No smart remarks about the photo…as yet!

Love to you all,

Beck and Rod xo