YEAH! We managed to make 2 weeks at home and only ONE clinic appointment and specialist meeting. Rod and I are so thrilled and somewhat rested. Madeleine is happy and settled and Charlotte seems like her old self. Well, she is a nice shade of pale grey and working hard to fight off infection with an almost zero white blood cell and neutrophil count! The scars of last week, emotional and physical have had some to time to almost heal and we are so happy for our Charlie. We have posted a photo of her from last week which shows how emaciated, scarred and tired she really was. It is a little confronting!

After a challenging few weeks trying to settle Charlotte back into life at home she has really settled well. She is still rather clingy but much happier and not so anxious. We spent the morning at the beach today, she played with her grandparents this afternoon and she and Rod polished off two crabs (kindly caught and washed by our beautiful neighbours Max and Sandra) and nachos for dinner tonight. It was a lovely day before her return to SCH.

There is some trepidation about her return for chemo tomorrow but we hope that things might go a little smoother. After bloods in the morning (to make sure her WBC and neutophils have increased) she will be able to commence round 6 of chemo.

We have enjoyed some amazing cooking from our friends and family and want to thank you for your kindness and culinary prowess. We will let you know how she goes this week.

Much love,

Beck and Rod xo