Beck and I had noticed changes in Charlotte for the past 2 weeks, including a tremor in her hand, favoring her left side more, falling over more regularly than normal and waking up through the night very distraught, which is unlike her.


I took her in for her next round of chemo on Tuesday and explained our observations to the oncologist prior to starting chemo. He to was concerned and consequently called the neurologist to also make an assessment. All parties were worried, hence an MRI was booked for the next day. Obviously we were all very concerned the tumor may be growing back.


Given that the MRI was not carried out until Wednesday afternoon, we were not given the results until Thursday morning. Thankfully there was no evidence of a tumor although the neurologist did comment that she was shocked by the size of the void that remained after having the resection, she then refered to the previous scan and yes it was much the same.


The thought is now that the symptoms may be caused by excessive pressure within the skull caused by a problem with brains ability to adequetly drain fluid.


We were planned to have an operation on Friday to drain the excess fluid and measure the pressure. However due to her low platlet reading which is still dropping from the last round of chemo, they will postpone the op for around

2 weeks untill her platelet levels rise sufficently.


Chemo finally started yesterday and if all goes well Charlie should be home Monday afternoon. This particular round will destroy her white blood cell count not her platelets.


She is, as always, still managing to draw a smile from all and sundry at the Children's Hospital. We are unfortunately seeing quite a few new patients in the chemo ward (we feel like old hands, it is good though to be able to pass on our experience and knowledge to help other parents). On the flip side we are also seeing patients in remission and only having to come back for tests not chemo.


Having a child with cancer will change your life. But that does not mean it will change it for the worse.  As all you wonderful friends and family have helped me to see.


Love Rod, Beck, Maddy and Charlie