Well, where do I start? Charlotte started kindergarten earlier this year and I am not sure who was more exhausted – her teacher, Rod , myself or Charlotte?! It has been a Baptism of Fire, mostly fantastic but certainly hard work for Charlie. She is doing very well, all things considered, but there are daily challenges after enduring 18 surgeries, 28 rounds of radiation to the brain, 14-months of chemotherapy, over 80 general anaesthetics, seizures, tests, medications and the removal of part of her brain, what can one expect?! There is a distinct brilliance about Charlotte and some challenging deficits – it certainly makes for an interesting human being! She continues to have a great team of people helping her along the way and we are always thankful for that!

Charlie turned six this April and it was another special day! She ate copious amounts of sugar and danced herself silly! It always takes my breath away that she still walks alongside us and for that I am truly grateful. I am writing this message as we approach Mother’s Day and I have included a small reflection about the day and being a mum……


…I was reflecting on the celebration of Mother’s Day and was pondering on the dichotomy of feelings that I have regarding the day. There is some sadness when I think of some of my friends and family who celebrate Mother’s Day with a heaviness of heart because their mothers are no longer with them.  A particular sadness is felt when I consider the despair of friends trying to become mums and the despair for one of my dear friends, as she reflects on the loss of her young daughter less than a year ago.  I understand the immense sadness that the day can bring.

I lament the organisation and busyness around purchasing gifts and fitting in time with both sides of my family and I question the commercialism attached to the day. But then I consider the beauty that is Mother’s Day. I consider, an article I just read noting, “Mary who spent her life mediating over son Jesus and his mission. She wanted to understand Jesus’ interior attitude” (Voegtle, p.4), much like we do as mums. We want to understand and guide our children thoughtfully.

I reflect, with gratitude, on the privilege of having two beautiful girls and my amazing mother. My mother has been an exemplar of strength, grace and gratitude. I consider how fulfilled and happy I will be, if I am half the mum she has been to me. I reflect on the somewhat heart-breaking journey that being a mum has been for me and count my blessings daily as I still have my Charlotte with me and watch both my girls continue to grow.

So, here’s to the beauty of Mother’s Day!  Amongst the sadness let there be some solace and within the joy let there be gratitude for the privilege of having a mum, privilege of being a mum and everything else that contributes to marking such a day.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Beck and Rod xo