After waiting throughout the Easter weekend for Charlie's MRI results, it was finally confirmed that her scan was clear. NO TUMOUR growth!!!! YEAH!!!!!


Charlotte also had her first observation day at preschool on Wednesday. At 10.45 she said; "Mum, you can go now!!!" I was hysterical. She has another observation day next Tuesday and then her first full day on Wednesday. I am so excited for her and relieved all at the same time. It is really nice to see her do regular things and look so well. Our fingers, legs and arms are all crossed for a clear run of health issues for Charlie.


She attended clinic on Thursday and does not have to return for another 3 months; which is about the same time she is due for her next MRI. David (her Oncologist) is very pleased and so are we!


She now has the flu shot and re-immunisation ahead. Hopefully that will assist with the onslaught of bugs, germs and illness that goes with preschool?!?!


Thanks for all the support messages, texts and birthday wishes.




Beck and Rod xoxo