As you have read today started of with a much needed injection of hope. She also used both hands to feed herself with the bottle (the nuero's were quite concerned there would be complications with the left side in particular left arm). A little smile radiated as did the words ma ma and dad dad. Our joy was to be sort lived, around 4pm today she had 2 convulsive fits and stopped breathing the response from the medical team in ICU was impressive and did instill confidence. As a result Dr Jacobson and the medical team sent her for a CT scan to ensure no post op bleeding which can cause seizures (result was no bleeding). I was not too concerned by this episode as we had been informed it was a very likely possibility.


This episode did enable us to talk further with Dr Jacobson who was not surprised by this. At that point she informed us that there had been a lot of pressure placed on the frontal RH lobe(responsible for personality and higher understanding) by the tumor and this has caused deformation to the extent she considered removing during the operation. The front lobe can also be responsible for seizures, hence the reason to remove it given it is deformed. It was also conveyed the the remaining tumor is also in a very compromising position (brain stem and LH lobe), not good news!


Once the pathology results come in a desirable outcome is no operation and monitor the tumor. then maybe chemo or the formidable surgery.


the list of medications she is already on is mind boggling the side effects of which have not even rated mention.


How much do you put a 15 month through? how much can she take? Yes they are very resilient and strong. Is this all so we have some slither of hope she will survive? If she does survive, how long for? what's her quality of life to be?


Sorry about the non sugar coated version but this is a day in our our life since our news.


I am absolutely floored by the amount of heart felt support from you all, with special mention to team body benefit's food delivery tonight combined with additional food drops our freezers are full.


The generosity, offerings and messages from you all has been one of the few positives we can hold on to without fear of it being taken away.


Thanks, Rod.