Well it couldn't be too much worse than yesterday!

Poor Charlie had to fast from midnight for her MRI, so from 7amm till 10am I was trying my best to keep Charlie entertained, not easy. At 10am they very appologetically said they were unable to secure an anathesist so it was locked in for 8am Thursday.

I was wrapped, I quicly called Beck told her to pack the beach gear we are all having a family day at the beach. We had an awesome day at Coogee beach, I have always considered a family day at the beach to be one of the greatest moments life can offer, let me tell you Beck and I savioured every minute.

We had fish and chips,went for a nice stroll, stopped at a nice park to lie down and catch some sleep well Beck did whilst I took the s to a cool kids park. Then ofcourse the day would not be complete unless I had a few token ales, at an establishment I have not always been welcomed, The Coogee Bay Hotel. It was nice to rekindle some old memories.

At this stage the operation may not be until Tuesday, to the disgust of our medical team. Such is the way of the system, our operation does mean the theatre cannot be used for anyone else that day.

What to pray for tomorrow? This MRI is mainly to try and identify any tumor in her spinal cavity. Given this is such an agressive tumor they are concerned there is tumor in this region. If this is the case there will be no more operations and we will be going to Disneyland next week. (no we are not praying to go to Disneyland, we are praying for no tumor in the spinal cavity).

Just one more thing to ask, if you see Beck or myself out and about or at hospital, even talking on the phone please be mindful that we do not like to discuss Charlies situation with Madeleine in ear shot. As a family we openly encourage Madeline to ask questions and discuss Charlotte's situation. To have the question asked every time we see someone is not what we believe to be in Maddy's best interest. Even doctors fail to recognise this.


Rod, Beck, Maddy and our beloved Charlie Bel