It had been six months since Charlotte’s last scan and a few days before I developed a dull headache; trying to pretend that I was okay and not worried. I guess I do that for Charlotte and Madeleine too; not worry, that is. We didn’t tell Charlie we were going in until the night before because she really feels anxious about returning to hospital and makes certain that we are NOT staying and that we WILL be returning home! Charlotte had her MRI on the Monday before Mother’s Day and it was a few days before we got her results. “Unremarkable” – an odd but wonderful medical term for NO change, NO tumour!!!! It was a very happy Mother’s Day for me. I was so relieved for Charlotte and for us as a family. The thought of returning to active treatment was more than I could rationalise. We are really enjoying the beauty of home, a regular routine (as regular as it can be with a shift worker and busy children) and the warmth of outings with family and friends devoid of fears of infection. Charlotte has had a lot of clinics and appointments in recent weeks and hospital is still a regular part of our routine. Between work, uni, hospital appointments, shift work and after-school activities the weeks are flying.

She will be embarking on weekly occupational therapy and clinical psychology appointments. But we don’t have another MRI until November (all going well) and Oncology clinic about the same time. Her recent intelligence testing was very interesting with enormous strengths in her verbal IQ and deficiencies in her non-verbal. Hence, the occupational therapy! She is as bright as a button and still very hard work at home. I would love to write a book of quotes - there would be many! There isn’t a day where she doesn’t have me in stitches or marvelling at her insight. Some of our conversations range from how I gave birth to her (she’s 4???!!!), why women wear the hijab? Why only women?, to reminding her preschool teacher that she needed to complete an accident report after one of the little girls fell at preschool.

It is a busy time in the Hospital’s fundraising calendar – the lead up to the GOLD TELETHON. I have been fortunate enough to be doing some work for this cause. It always reminds me of the overwhelming generosity of others, the importance of the work that goes on at Sydney Children’s and how lucky we are to be at home, altogether. So, if you are home over the long weekend and have channel 9 on perhaps you could give a few dollars to the hospital if you are looking for a charity before the end of the financial year. I did read that if everyone in NSW gave just $1 then well over $7 million dollars could be raised! I am speaking tomorrow night at one of the Gold dinners (SummerSalt, Cronulla) and I am hoping that Charlotte’s story might just entice a few dollars to be pledged!!!

It’s the end of May….where has this year gone?


Beck and Rod xo