Happy New Year!
Well, we enjoyed a lovely Christmas at home and out of SCH. It was a fun day at both parents’ eating and unwrapping too many presents. Charlotte was doing really well and enjoying the freedoms of being at home and getting out and about. Despite a possible Whooping Cough scare on Christmas Eve; all was going really well. Her bloods were good and she was looking stronger, fatter and happier every day.
With that in mind Rod and I decided that we would venture down the south coast for a few days between January 2 and 5 as he had not yet had a break and Madeleine was busting to go on a holiday. We had to be back for clinic on the 6th and Rod had his last block at work before a three week break. At which we were going to have a couple of weeks away as a family. The first family holiday in two years!
We were there just less than two days when Charlotte became unwell, we raced her to Milton/Ulladulla Hospital as she began, and continued to have a seizure in the car. Mum rang through to the hospital and they had a doctor waiting. It was three hours before she stabilised and Charlotte and I were air-lifted by helicopter to Randwick. Poor Rod drove all the way back to Sydney after getting us to the hospital in record time. It was quite a job to monitor Charlotte, as she had just finished a rather large meal of lamb cutlets and sausages which caused some havoc with her breathing while she was seizing. I have never seen so much masticated meat flying in every direction. While the whole ordeal was devastating and exhausting there were a few things working in Charlotte’s favour that night – Rod had only had two beers and could drive, the doctor on the helicopter was a friend, Lee (Doc, as most of you know him), the nurses and Doctors at Milton were fabulous and my parents were at the house when it all happened.
We just left hospital(Randwick) last night and Charlotte is doing well. She is however, quite tired and is on a fair bit of medication at the moment. So, we are taking it easy. After a week, if things are going well and she has settled with the medication we are going to temp fate and try to have a holiday!!!!! We are still hopeful. Rod and I were just starting to take a breath and feel somewhat more relaxed than we have over the past 17 months but it didn’t all line up for us this time.  We have such a long way to go with Charlie and this last episode really cut to the core with Rod and I. While racing to Emergency at Milton from Manyana we thought for a moment that she wasn’t breathing and every assault on her body is beginning to upset us more. She is, and we are exhausted.
Here’s hoping that this message finds you all well and enjoying the New Year.
Beck and Rod xo