The past few weeks have been a mixed bag where Charlotte’s recovery from anaesthetic is concerned. We have had some shocking days and some amazingly good ones. So, it continues to be a turbulent time for Charlotte; most of which she does not remember. It is that crazy time of the year where everyone is complaining of being tired. We are really feeling it too! However, I am grateful that Charlotte is doing really well all things considered. She was so good today and felt really well so we went present giving and stopped at the hairdresser for a trim (her first real hair cut). She has lost a lot of hair on both sides of her head but we hide it with her long locks so that she does not really notice. I thought the trim might help to thicken it up and neaten the unruly mass of hair. Charlie was happy as there were braids and glitter by the time the hairdresser had finished.

We are scheduled to complete treatment on Christmas Eve! WOOHOO!! However, it is not certain (a very long story) whether Charlotte will be able to have the operation to have her central line removed that afternoon. Which will mean regular visits to hospital until surgery recommences around the 21 st of January. It essentially means no real holiday for us, no swimming, etc for Charlotte. So, as you can imagine we are a little frustrated. Our fingers and toes are crossed and prayers are flowing….so we are just hoping the stars align also!

Until Monday,

Beck and Rod xo