Great venue, fabulous weather, wonderful friends, family, a touch of purple, amazing organisers and lots of fun - THANK YOU!


After some trepidation about a benefit being organised, Rod and I were so excited by the genuine care and enthusiasm that everyone had on the evening.

We were truly humbled by the incredible generosity. The night ran beautifully thanks to the impeccable organisation by Charlotte's Crew. The prizes and donations were amazing and we are hoping that there wasn't too much buyer's remorse on Saturday morning. We are also hoping that those who hadn't won a raffle or auction weren't sporting the same champagne/beer headache that Rod and I were. Late nights and alcohol aren't a great formula for the early morning wake-up calls from children!


With around 400 people in one room it was quite amazing that so many people managed to know at least someone else that they did not arrive with. There was a great connection amongst so many there on the evening. Our only disappointment is that we did not get around to speak to everyone. Our apologies! Many equated the evening to be like a wedding, however, we only had 100 guests at our wedding and we remember finding that a difficult task.

So thanks again for all those who made it and to the many that travelled from inter-state and overseas. It was a fabulous effort by so many!


Thank you also to those who couldn't make it for your well-wishes and donations. Little did Charlotte know that so many people had come together to help her medical journey. What a lucky little girl!



She is traveling well and we have our next round of chemo after Easter.

ROUND 14 - She is HALF-WAY through her 378 day protocol ..Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Here's hoping that she can push through this second part of her treatment.

She has a long road ahead and we just keep looking forward. Thank you for helping us stay strong and positive. It really helps.


Much love,


Beck and Rod xo