As bad as it might sound Beck and I were looking forward to today, to get this operation done. The last 3-4 weeks have resulted in a lot of slep deprivation due to Charlie waking up a lot at night screaming and unsettled, seemingly with head aches.


Today's operation was successful in that they removed a substantial amount of fluid, Charlotte has woken up well and is quite active and many of the syptoms do not appear to be prevalent. It was difficult for the surgeons to determine the exact amount of pressure due to various factors. A normal childs reading should be between 1-5  and an adult around 10-15(I think) Charlottes was 20 which is apparently at the higher end for an adult. The units i think are cc's of fluid above the ear line.



Where to now? Well chemo is further postponed till next thurs due to the risk of infection(meningitis) as the chemo will deplete her immune sysytem. They will be monitoring the access point where they withdrew the fluid for further fluid secretion over the next few days. If there is more, it is highly likely a shunt will need to be put in.


They don't want to put a shunt in for two reasons, one being increased risk of infection and two, the fluid is drained from her brain into her stomach which can then possibly cross contanimate the cancer into the rest of her body. At present the cancer is resticted to her brain/spinal cavity.


We are in our old C2N ward, where we were for the first 3 months and we had a patieints mother across from us whinge because they had been in hospital for 1.5 days and then went home 1hr later! We had a good chuckle:)


There is always something to make us laugh and or cry.


Hope you are all well out there.


Love the Wyse family