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An evening for Charlotte - Wow, what a night!

Posted by Peta Long on Sunday, March 28, 2010, In : Messages from Bec and Rod 

Great venue, fabulous weather, wonderful friends, family, a touch of purple, amazing organisers and lots of fun - THANK YOU!


After some trepidation about a benefit being organised, Rod and I were so excited by the genuine care and enthusiasm that everyone had on the evening.

We were truly humbled by the incredible generosity. The night ran beautifully thanks to the impeccable organisation by Charlotte's Crew. The prizes and donations were amazing and we are hoping that there wasn't too ...

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A breif retrospective.

Posted by Peta Long on Sunday, August 30, 2009, In : Messages from Bec and Rod 

Wow so much has happened since the pediatrition said "go home pack some comfortable clothes and meet me at the Sydney Children’s Hospital I will have an neurological team waiting there!" We were driving in and Beck asked me if I was ok at that point I burst into tears and said no this is really bad. It is very difficult to drive whilst driving so I had to pull it together. The poor little thing was poked prodded jabbed for the next 6 hrs meeting god only knows how many doctors.


That first...

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Message from Bec and Rod

Posted by Peta Long on Friday, August 14, 2009, In : Messages from Bec and Rod 
Message to be updated
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