Charlotte turns three today! Those of you who know me well know that birthdays are always a big deal, today is certainly very special. I have been reflecting a lot on the past 20 months and really can’t believe where we are…..where Charlotte is!

Returning home after 17 months of hospital stays and treatment was bitter sweet. We were so elated to be away from chemo, sleepless and stressful hospital stays and continuous demands on Charlotte’s body; home had its own challenges.

Madeleine settled well into kindergarten, Rod was enjoying being at work and returning to regular training but Charlotte was struggling with separation issues, sleeplessness, new medications, new routines, missing her hospital friends and I was struggling with everything. I think as Mum’s you make sure everyone else is organised, happy and life is running smoothly but I was needing to get the balance right for me too. I am still working on that!

Rod and I have worked pretty hard to accommodate Charlotte’s medical , social and developmental needs and there are certainly signs of progress. Charlotte is going really well. She is happy, energetic, inquisitive, verbally proficient and embracing toddler activity with zeal. We have had no appointments, clinic or hospital stays over the past three weeks and that has been brilliant.

All going well Charlotte will commence pre-school just after Easter. We also have her next MRI at the end of the month which is always tenuous for Rod and I. If her scan is clear Charlotte will be just like any other three-year-old - enjoying pre-school, enjoying life! That is my birthday wish for Charlie!

Our next post will be following her MRI. We will let you know how she goes. Thank you for your continued support of our family. Thank you for keeping Charlie in your thoughts and hearts.

Much love,

Beck and Rod xo