After much anticipation we finally met with Charlotte’s oncologist Dr David Ziegler this afternoon. We were pleased to know that chemo would not an option for Charlotte’s treatment and no one could be more happy then Charlotte herself. We had a fairly reassuring discussion about the tumour and radiation to follow. Histology revealed that Charlotte only has one area of tumour growth, it is still anaplastic ependymoma (III) and it appeared fairly contained within a membrane when removed. David believes that there is a reasonable to chance to conquer this tumour as radiation should have been the first line of defence following the first two surgeries. However, she was too young and the tumour was too large to irradiate. Therefore, chemotherapy was a sound stop-gap approach to holding off radiation if the tumour was to grow back and we always knew that there was a strong chance of that happening. Charlotte now requires six weeks of focal radiation which is radiation that is conformed only to the area where the tumour has regrown.

For Charlotte this treatment will be a lot easier than the 14-months of chemo and 13 surgeries which she has already endured. Having said that, she has another tough road ahead with a general anaesthetic administered each day for radiation and a range of short-term side-effects, long-term side-effects and complications. It takes a lot for Rod and I to get our head around how anyone, let alone a four-year-old deserves to have to face yet another medical journey like this. It looks like at least a month before treatment will commence as we need to wait for the surgery/wound to completely heal and a period of preparation is required by the radio-oncologist. So, it is likely that we will be still moving through treatment well into January next year.

Thank you for your messages and empathy leading into this meeting and I am sorry that I did not get to return all the text messages sent in the last day. We are very grateful for the support and warmth that we are afforded.


Beck and Rod xo


AT: Woollahra Colleagues Rugby Club, Woollahra Oval, Rose Bay

WHEN: Sunday, 28th October, 2012

TIME: 2-6pm

$30 a family

$10 an individual

If you have any time please come along and support the SCH and have a good laugh at Rod as he goes bald for a good cause!!!!!