Saturday was a beautiful, warm day and Rod
and I woke to Charlotte’s little voice bellowing “can I go and open my presents
it’s my birthday?” Those of you that know me well know that I am very fond of a
birthday and Saturday was a very special day for us all. Rod and I are always
mindful of how fortunate we are to celebrate this date with Charlie. As all
four-year-olds do (not), they ask for a big girl car seat and a Barbie doll!!!!
So, that’s what she got! Rod found a very cool booster seat with built in
speakers for her to attach her iPod touch and listen to music (picture on photo
page) What next!!!! Those of you who know Rod will know that the main reason he
got it was because it was on sale!!! She was so excited that she sat in her
pyjamas, iPod attached, sitting in her new seat on the living room floor!!!

Charlotte is enjoying ballet and even looks
like she might be dancing. She is even swimming without any tears or
trepidation. All-in-all she is a very happy and energetic little girl. We have
a scan in early May and I will post again.

Thanks for reading and checking-up on
Charlotte’s progress.


Beck and Rod xo