What a week, as usual! Well we made the Wiggles on Sunday and met them prior to the show. What a lovely bunch of hard-working men. They looked a bit older than I remembered but I am sure the girls didn’t care a bit. It was a great show that I think Rod and I enjoyed as much as the kids. There was something for everyone.

Charlotte and I were ready for chemo on Monday but because she had a cold they needed to find her an isolation room. Of course, NO BED! After a million phone calls and waiting a bed finally became available at 1.30pm. So, we packed everything up and drove in. We unpacked and the nurses were just about to access Charlotte’s port and the RMO arrived and asked them to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There weren’t enough nurses on night shift to administer Charlotte’s chemo. So, we turned around and went home again. Some part of me thought it was quite humorous (a very, very small part!) and the other part just thought….typical! We returned on Tuesday at 5.54am to begin! ALL WAS GOOD!

Charlotte did quite well but is also sporting a nasty cough and cold. So when they let her out yesterday she had virtually no wb cells and her neutrophil level hadn’t come in. We were told to expect a temperature and a return to hospital shortly. What a great thought right at Christmas! Anyway, just a couple of ours ago the Oncologist rang and her neutrophils are almost zero, so Rod has just driven her back in for a GCSF needle to help boost her levels. It takes roughly a week to kick in. We are praying to stay out of hospital tomorrow but things aren’t looking too good.

We have another round of chemo in the New Year and Charlotte’s first MRI since chemo commenced, on the 4th of January. Here’s hoping that this hideous chemical therapy is doing its stuff!

We have received a lot of Christmas cheer, so thank you! A special thanks to Darrel, Grace and Tristan for the fabulous hamper, to the Ex Marist Mothers Association, North Sydney for your card, prayers and generous fundraising, to the Learning Support Faculty at St Pat’s for the amazing hampers, to our places of work for your patience and assistance and to our friends and family who keep giving. You are amazing!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all who have written posts and keep up-to-date with Charlotte’s progress. Despite the hustle and craziness of December there is something special that touches all of us at Christmas.

Much love and God bless,

Rod, Beck and the girls xo