Charlotte had a better day on Wednesday and the recovery nurses did everything in their power to bring Charlotte out of anaesthetic slowly and calmly. She was tired and a little nauseated during the afternoon but declared; “It’s been a day Mum, let’s turn on some Katty Perry!”. So there she was dancing around the living room to Last Friday Night and California Gurls featuring Snoop Dogg!! She went to bed early and we woke during the night to her screams as she sat legs akimbo vomiting until there was nothing left (needless to say, I won’t be cooking burritos for a while). She was really off and exhausted. It was nearly two before we got back to bed and Charlotte went down complaining of a shocking headache. I felt so sorry for her as I patted her back and she fell off to sleep. I woke at 6am to Charlie’s little face staring at me asking if I was ready to get up and go again! I wasn’t sure who had been sick most of the night because I felt like it had been me!

Thursday went to plan and she did well at hospital and well at home. She was a little tired and had a dull headache but was okay. We enjoyed Friday because there was no hospital as it was maintenance day for the radiation machine. When Rod told her that there was no hospital she responded by screaming; “woohoo!”.Charlie was visited by her ballet teachers who had baby chinos and morning tea with her and a visit from her cousin Tilly too! By lunch time Charlie was crashing and slept on the floor in a make-believe camp out. She was exhausted! It was a good way to end her working week.


Beck and Rod xo