After leaving hospital following round 18 Charlotte still maintained a low-grade temperature during the week. On Friday we drove Rod to the airport to go off to Hamilton Island for the annual outrigger regatta and by the time I got the girls home Charlotte had spiked a fever and we took off for Emergency again. We arrived before 2pm and it was nearly 10 oclock by the time Charlotte and I got a bed on the ward. We remained in hospital for four days and she took some time to improve whilst on two drips of antibiotics and a haemoglobin transfusion. When we finally arrived home and so did Rod from Hamilton Island. In between, Madeleines preschool had organised a kids disco fundraiser for SCH neuron-oncology. It went so well  lots of dancing, toy sales, auctions, lollies, a sausage sizzle and 14 000 dollars raised. This was such an incredible amount for a small preschool and the hard work of six sensational mothers. We were all thrilled with the outcome and grateful for the amazing community support.




Charlotte had only two days at home and returned again on Thursday for scheduled chemo. She and Rod waited until 1pm for a bed and all went quite smoothly. Once out of hospital we needed to give her a G-CSF needle at 10pm. Rod woke her and I gave her the needle. She called out; Ouchband aid and went straight back to sleep. She is such a trooper!




Nine rounds to go! I AM COUNTING!




Thank you to everyone who has sent messages and continues to read the posts. We are so grateful.



Much love,



Beck and Rod xo