Charlotte had her first round of chemo (Vincristine and Carboplatin) on Thursday which took all day on a tree of drips. The nurses had some trouble accessing the port because it had just been put in and it was the first attempt. Hopefully it will be a little easier for Charlotte next time. We arrived home on Thursday evening and settled the girls before a quiet and peaceful night. Charlotte slept well but woke a little nauseated so we gave her the anti-nausea drugs that the hospital had organized. She is eating well and very happy to be home. It is early days so we are trying to enjoy her, well and not debilitated by the drugs.

We are back at Hospital for the day next Thursday to undergo some tests and a check-up at the oncology clinic and then we will be back in Hospital the following Thursday for 3 days and round 2 of her first chemo cycle.

We may not write again over the weekend so we want to wish Dave all the very best for the cycle on Sunday. Here’s hoping that the weather is favourable. Congratulations on raising so much money for children’s oncology!

Chemotherapy countdown…..52 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!


Beck and Rod xxoo