5am and Charlotte is the only child awake on the ward. Happy and ready

to play she is smiling as I peel myself from a decent, but broken

sleep. What do you do with a 16 month old at 5am in a hospital? The

answer: have a shower with her in the pram, walk the corridors of SCH

and Royal Women’s, use the wireless internet at 6am to check new

messages, buy a coffee at the first café to open at 7am and wait for

the breakfast trolley to arrive at 7.30am. Charlotte is still happy

and ready to tackle the world; I need a morning power nap (in my dreams!)


She had her last physio session before surgery on Tuesday and Claire

was happy with Charlotte’s walking. After lunch the ward was a buzz

with the news that a fire truck was on its way. Dewsa (Brendan, you

good man!) and his crew from Mascot had kindly organised to bring the

fire truck to the SCH. They parked right out front (in the ambulance

bay) and the kids poured downstairs to see the firemen and ride in the

truck. With show bags, the fire hose pouring water and the lights

flashing, the kids were thrilled and so was Charlotte. We thank the

Mascot Fire Brigade for bringing joy to so many kids who are really

quite institutionalised.


I think Charlotte has become quite institutionalised too. She cheers

as the 316 and 317(bus) to Bondi Junction drive by the Royal. She

gestures to the play therapist to get her special bucket of toys out

of the cupboard, she roams the ward like she owns it, she pulls the

Doctors’ lanyard who has an awesome bottle of bubbles attached, she

waves to the cleaner each day, visits her old room mate Dallas when

she is out and about and is over hospital mash. All in all, she is a

happy and busy little girl.


Our other busy little girl celebrated Father’s Day at Preschool with

Rod today and is enjoying her Aunty T being home (someone else to boss



Thanks to everyone for your on-going support and for being so

understanding about not visiting this weekend. We are going out on

both days before Charlotte is back in intensive care. A special thanks

for the care packages, medals, prayers, phone calls and texts. All the

best to Kylie, Pete and the kids who are off on a wonderful trip OS

and my Uncle who is off to South America Happy Travelling!


Beck and Rod xo