Rod and I were so exhausted last week that we weren’t sure how the next three weeks were going to pan-out. I was so tired after hospital just waiting, anticipating, all the possibilities and variables that might arise as part of this journey through treatment. I was so tired when I finished the day that I couldn’t even write a post or a reflection. Sorry! Last week didn’t start too well but by Friday we had finally come up with the best combinations of drugs to get Charlotte through radiation and out the other end with greater ease and less exhaustion; for her and us!!! Today went much the same way and the patience of the few nurses who have been taking Charlotte through the recovery process and the collegiality and collaboration of all the anaesthetic doctors has made a real difference also. We feel relieved.

Charlotte is doing really well through the radiation. She has lots of little issues but still maintains her exuberance for everything and hysterical take on life! She checked herself out in the mirror following her wash this evening (can’t bath with the central line in) and said; “look I have healed well Mum my scar doesn’t look like train tracks anymore!” What a neat little observation… I tried not to laugh hysterically! She fights going to sleep at night. Charlie has an unhealthy aversion to going to bed, which is terribly annoying. Being back in treatment is not helping, despite the fact that radiation should make her really tired????? What is especially frustrating is that we had just got her back into a nice sleeping pattern. We are back to one full night sleep a week. I think Rod and I are in competition for the most tired and haggard looking parents!

We have been enjoying the gracious help of our friends, some amazing cooking by those around us, ongoing support from our families and some hard mornings have been experienced by Vanessa as she has helped us with Charlotte’s episodes out of anaesthesia. Thank you for the kind help and all the messages of support. We are always so very grateful!


Beck and Rod xo