Charlotte arrived home on Saturday afternoon just in time for the glorious Spring weather (where has it gone?), my sister arriving from London and St George winning the semi-finals (Go, the Dragonsfinally!). It was one of those days when Rod and I felt a wave of relief. He was exhausted after spending the last three days in hospital on his own.  I had Charlottes cold which landed Charlie in isolation during chemo and me at home with Madeleine. After five weeks in hospital Rod and I are still recovering. The emotional, physical and mental exhaustion has knocked us down  a little! Thankfully Rods sister, brother and my parents came in to break-up the day for Rod but nothing really takes away the sleep deprivation and emotional strain.


Charlotte endured three large operations, a barrage of blood tests, exploratory tests, CT scans, x-rays, nearly a dozen accesses and de-accesses of her port-a-cath, chemo and more. She is still smiling but arrived home almost neutropenic. So we are just hoping that we can stay out of hospital until next week when she has her next round of chemo. Charlie is like a caged animal just been freed. She has pulled-out the contents of every draw, cupboard, basket, box possible and is testing her sleep deprived parents and sister. My Mum keeps reminding me that naughty is good and she really is a very whole-hearted toddler. Madeleine announced that; I am being really patient but Charlotte is just naughty Mum!. Believe me we are grateful to watch her enjoy home, embrace her surroundings and make up for lost time!


Thanks to everyone for the warm regards, continuing prayers, thoughtful text messages, letters, gifts and concern. I must say that Rod and I really didnt think that just a year since Charlottes diagnosis that we would be back on C1 North (neuro ward) battling more big decisions, operations and the uncomfortable conditions of C1 North. We were hoping to be through all of that and nearly finished chemo. Thankfully Charlotte only has five more rounds but the reality of life with a child suffering long term cancer treatment really has set in.  I guess it is one of those realities you know but try not to focus on in order to work through the issues that arise each week. Thank God for Charlottes tenacity and gorgeous smile. She is the light of our Universe (Madeleine too!) and our little hero.


Until next week, much love,


Beck and Rod xo