It appears that ALL the prayers, positive thinking, novena, love, support and miraculous work of the neurological team have been enough to rid Charlie of ALL of the tumour. Erica got it all!!! She is a genius. Anni (neurologist) suggested that Erica take a bow but she was too modest. So, Rod and I have kissed and cuddled her anyway and thanked our very own Brains Trust in kind.

I had just finished reading a medical journal article on aniplastic ependymoma's when I received the MRI results. " The optimal tratment and survival from AE's is gross total resection" - total removal! This was confirmed today with the post-operative contrast-enhanced MRI. In order to maintain a balance between effective treatment and the preservation of Charlotte's neurocognitive development we can not enter into radiation therapy. As a second line therapy we will be using chemo to decease the rate of relapse of such an aggressive tumour and to increase Charlie's survival rate. Current studies suggest a 39 -69% survival rate of children with ependymomas using chemotherapy as a second line defence. We will continue to remain MORE hopeful than these statistics suggest as she has shown amazing resolve so far, beyond what was medically expected.

I left Tara and Rod in IC watching Charlotte bashing her mini helium balloon in the air ( care of the Performing Arts crew) and watching the Starlight Foundation entertainment pod. It took me a while to get the new-age entertainment system working ( I had the very groovy child proof mouse upside down). I think everyone should have one of these things!

Keep Charlotte in your thoughts and prayers as she still has a way to go. She is still spiking temperatures of 39 degrees and tremours that follow. Anne-Marie H she looks like she has done a few rounds with Mundine and is enduring some swelling and pain. We look like we will be back on the ward tonight which will mean some sleepless and challenging nights.

Some wonderful news for Charlotte. We are just thrilled that our little might have a fighting chance of beating this thing, even if she has to endure a year of chemotherapy. Her chances of survival have certainly increased with the wonderful work Erica, our angel!


Beck and Rod xxoo