Well I made it out after 6 days in the institution, some might say my sanity is compromised, I'm sure it would be had I not had such a good relationship with my old mate "Beer".

Beck didn't get back to the hospital until today. Not only did the Noro virus hit her terribly it also unleashed on Madeleine who is also suffering a bronchial infection. Unfortunately Beck's mum also suffered from the Noro wrath. I took the self prescribed approach of taking the generic mental health/gastro drug, Alcohol. Together with a long history of taking bacterial pre-med (2 week old left overs).

Charlie was due to under go another operation today to install a porta cath (A port semi permanently installed to administer chemo drugs). Regrattably that was canceled, as we were hoping to take Charlotte home for the weekend before she starts chemo next week. Beck is pushing hard for us to get home at least for some period over the weekend.

We had our meeting today with our Oncologist, David outlining the treatment plan and sight effects, as you can imagine this was simply horrible. Beck will outline the details of this meeting in her next post.

To rub salt into the wound after having the sum total of at best, 10hrs sleep over the last 7 days,(so yes I am currently somewhat delusional) then having this meeting today, I was finally out of the hospital looking forward to having an afternoon sleep and then spend time with Madeleine. This was not to be, my car decided to shut down 5mins drive from home. Luckily our neighbor Max was around and was able to pick us up then my sister was able to sit with Madeleine whilst I sorted it. Turns out the coil failed. Luckily I was wearing thongs otherwise there may not have been a straight panel left on that bloody car. The same car i just spent $2500 for a new clutch and was only the second time I had driven it since.

Anyway enough whingeing, Charlie is almost back to her old self, with lots of smiles and that cheeky personality shining through. It is just so great to see, again everyone is absolutely amazed to see how well she has come through, even 2 bouts of Noro virus could not hold her down.


Rod, Beck, Madeleine and Charlie.

Sometimes you just smile like you mean it.