Hi there once again,

It's been a while, thank you to all of you who have continued to read and write and follow Charlie's progress. I personally have removed myself some what from this page, but am pleased when I return periodically to see the on going messages of support.

Obviously we are all saddened by the latest result. Our emotions are in turmoil, those of anger, fear, and sadness to name but a few. However we find much happiness in Charlie and Madeleline, they are not burdened with our worries ( we do our best to disguise), they continue to laugh, cuddle, annoy and love.

Charlotte under went another MRI yesterday to look for any further tumor in the spinal regions. We are thankful that there is no further evidence to indicate this. Poor Beck had to endure parenting advice from a intern anesthetist with regard to Charlotte. Needless to see he received more feed back than he bargained for.

At this stage, what we know is, Charlotte will be going in to hospital on Monday in preparation for her operation to resect the tumor on Tuesday.  We are not sure what the plan is after the operation. We do expect a course of radio therapy.

Thankfully we enjoyed a wonderful time in Queensland, spending some time with the Long's (Charlies god father Greg and Pete the web sit administrator, thanks). We went to Sea World and Dream World. Charlie was able to recite in great detail the 4 days to her Aunty Tara in London on our return.

Charlotte and Madeleine are now aware, to a degree, of what lies ahead and have received the news better than we expected. It was a discussion Beck and I had hoped would never happen but always thought, in the back of our minds to be possible

Thank you for your on going support


Rod, Beck, Madeleine and Charlotte