I never really think that I worry about Charlotte but the day before an
MRI I am always a little tense. She wasn’t keen to go back to hospital this
time and made me reassure her that we were going to have a sleep, they would
take a photo of her head and we would return home again. It has been 3 months
since we were in hospital – a great run for us! Every time Charlie has an MRI I
manage to bump into her neurosurgeon in the coffee shop as I wait for her to
have the scan and come through recovery. She assured me on Thursday that she
would try and check the scans and call in the evening….and again she did just
that! Charlotte’s scans show no change and no tumour. After
thanking Erica I put down the phone and burst into tears. Charlie asked why I
was upset and I told her that they were tears of absolute joy and relief. Which
followed by her patting me on the shoulder!!!! She doesn’t see me sad very often;
I try to keep that from her. I think Erica (Charlie’s neurosurgeon) was just as
excited as I was!!! I am now looking forward to enjoying the festive season and
the holidays with the girls.

Charlotte is doing really well. She is enjoying two days at preschool
and has very high energy levels. She still has NOT mastered the art of restful
and continuous sleep. This chronic situation is quite distressing for us and
concerning. In terms of growth and the necessary repair that sleep provides she
really needs more. However, she is still in the 75th percentile for
height…thank goodness for her love of food!!! She has grown a mop of curly hair
which cannot be touched, brushed, washed or cut. Charlie loves dancing despite
her father’s spatial awareness and has a proficient vocabulary which is, at
times, too cheeky for words. We are, overall, delighted with her zest for

Also, a special thanks to our friends and family who sponsored Jemma and
I in the RUN4FUN last week. I was sleep deprived and still a little unwell but
we ran (walked more than we wanted) and finished the 10km course in the 30
degree heat. We were hoping to run it in under an hour but came in at 1 hour 13
minutes. Not too bad for one hour of exercise a week!!!! A huge thank you to
Jemma who was so gracious and walked at points when I was tired and bothered.
We raised over $2000, with your help, for The Sydney Children’s Hospital

We hope that this post finds you all well and filling your calendars
with special events and family outings. Thanks for your ongoing concern for


Beck and Rod