Ah the trials and tribulations! Those of you who have been through the hospital system would understand how often procedures are scheduled then pulled at the last minute. We have been assured Charlotte is the first cab of the rank tomorrow morning.

Beck and I were able to speak to the head neuro surgeon Erica in person this morning for the first time since the operation. She was quite pleased with how it went although expressed some concern there may be some residual tumor around the lower rear part of the brain. Given this area is responsible for memory she did not want to partake in too much aggressive surgical action, this was also a difficult area to access. We hope the results tomorrow show it is clear.

Today Charlotte looked a little battered and bruised and in a fair degree of pain her morphine was helping to subdue this and as a result making her drowsy. I was also curious as to why they were so eager to remove many of her observation lines and drains, seemingly significantly sooner than the first operation. I was later informed that it was likely they would be taking her out of ICU today. Beck and I were obviously extremely concerned by this. Since learning of their objective we have put some strong arguments forward to many people requesting her not to be moved. Seemingly to some avail, as it seems she will at least be in ICU over night. I have since learned the reason for so much pressure on the bed space in the ICU is due to the Westmead Childrens ICU being shut down, for what reasons I do not know.

Hopefully we have some good news regarding the MRI results tomorrow.


Rod and Beck