This is just a quick update to let everyone know that Charlotte will not be having surgery to implant a shunt for the hydrocephalus tomorrow, as scheduled. After returning home following blood tests this morning we were called, and requested, to rush Charlotte back to hospital for a FULL blood transfusion. She had virtually no neutrophils, no platelets, very little haemoglobin and a depleted white blood cell count. I am not sure how that little girl has been able to function. Those blood counts are so low that it really is lucky her body hadnt started to pack it all in!  Rod thinks it's because she eats so well?!? She is currently on C2 South with Rod, asleep and exhausted. For some, mindless and meaningless trivia  she has now frequented every ward at Sydney Childrens!!!


Once her neutrophils climb above one and her platelets get to 100 they will look at operating. Hopefully, that will be next Tuesday if all goes well. But as you know things are always soooooooo tenuous.


Thanks for the texts, posts and calls. We really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


Much love,


Beck and Rod xo