I had a great Fathers Day with my girls, beginning with Charlie making a phone call, unbeknown to her mother, at 715am to my mobile. I was startled and immediately thought something to be wrong. Instead it was Charlotte who called and all I heard was her giggling and saying Dad DA Dad Da. Until i asked Beck later that morning, Beck didn't even know of the call. Charlie has been amazingly exuberant and sprightly this last week, which is obviously great to see.

Today I have been very anxious and quite frustrated, coupled with very little sleep due to Charlie's new 430am awake time, I fell like a fire cracker with a short fuse, ready to explode.

Tomorrow's operation is set to be another big day. Even though the remaining tumor is not as big, it is spread over a large area and closer critical brain mass. Basically even more dangerous than the last operation.

We will endeavor to post any information asap. If like last time, we don't receive any information until midnight you may need to wait until Wednesday. Thanks for all your support tomorrow.


Rod Beck, Maddy and Charlie.