Hi to all, thankyou for you outpouring of support, it has been heart warming to receive so much support in this very dificult time.

Saturday was a very diificult day, one light story for the day however was, we went to the local pub for lunch to escape the hospital, we placed a bet on the horses we went for the trifecta 1st Stike One (the first of Charlie's ops) 2nd Disco Dancer(Beck) 3rd Rocket Rod, and it came in.

Beck and I were quite upset yesterday morning until we spoke to the neuro surgeon. I asked Dr Jacobson if the tumor was bigger than expected and her reply was not really it was always going to be big, she said they did take a lot of tumor out but yes there ws still a lot left, she was concerned about the void left behind but the recovery and vitals of Charlie are currently good. A funny thing, when the Dr Jacobson went to put the removed piece of skull back into plce it would not fit,her head had shrunk throughout the op meaning that they had to shave off some of the removed piece to get it to fit back into the scull.

They are removing a lot of the tubes today, Charlie is quite aggitated having all this stuff coming out of her, she is a bit firery this morning which is good to see.

The results of the MRI will be conveyed today, I think atleast another major op is inevitalbe hopefully not another 16hrs but who knows. with chemo and or radio therapy to folow. A lot also depends on the results from pathology as to what type of tumor it is. With infant tumors it is very difficult to ascertain the type.

It is going to be a long hard road, so please keep your messages of support coming in, they give us strength.


Rod, Beck, Maddy and Charlie.