Rod and I had our meeting with the radiologist, Dr Smee this morning. The meeting went really well and Dr Smee was extremely empathetic about the duration of our journey with Charlie and the obvious concerns about treatment that we may have. He left Rod and I feeling quite reassured and happy to move forward with this treatment. He was extremely accommodating with the timing and commencement of treatment, willing to push this through to get us home and finished by Christmas (if all goes well). So, Charlotte begins on Thursday with a general anaesthetic to have a mask of sorts fitted and marked to position her head for focal radiation. Due to the position of her brain they should be able to have the beams focused away from any part of her brain that could be damaged and that may cause repercussions for Charlie cognitively. Having said that there is always spray from the radiation and still minimal chances of complications for Charlotte.

She will then need an operation to have a central venous line fitted for the duration of her treatment. She needs this central line for the administration of general anaesthetic, each day, for roughly six weeks. Hopefully, all going well, radiation will commence on Monday or Tuesday. As you can imagine Charlotte required some coercing and a simple but clear explanation about what was going to happen to her. She looks great and seems happy enough with our explanation of treatment. I am sure after a few weeks of treatment every day she will be a little over the whole thing again.

As I walked out of the hospital I burst into tears. Somewhat in relief to be moving forward, partly because this poor kid has another massive journey ahead and in part because Dr Smee was so fabulous with Rod and I and we were able to have a thorough and respectful discussion about Charlotte and the best way forward for her! I guess all-in-all I felt a sense of relief and trepidation all at the same time. I have never been one to want for things and need more than I have but my sadness always lies in the fact that you always want the best for your children. Despite the fact that I understand that it is not my fault Charlotte has a rather rare and malignant tumour; I just want a little more for a little girl who is bright, amazingly vibrant, beautiful, excruciatingly hard work and refreshingly delightful!!!!

So, here we go again another stint in hospital to fight this tumour!


Beck and Rod xo

PS Rod had his hair shaved, the fundraiser raised $20 000 for the hospital and Rod’s scalp is currently sunburnt!!!!!