When Rod wrote the last post Charlotte was still in hospital and Rod had gone back on shift. After three consecutive nights in hospital I was told she wasn't going home due to escalating temperatures. Rod came in to relieve me and Charlotte finally came home on the 13th. Needless to say we were very excited as it was her Birthday on the 14th (Wednesday) -2 years old!  So we are half way through the protocol and she made it home to celebrate her special day. She had such a lovely day. The weather was fantastic, Madeleine was at pre-school and Charlie had rule of the house and ALL the new toys.

The courier came by three times that day with so many packages and gifts.

Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes and generous presents. You shouldn't have but she had a ball playing with all her new things, scrunching paper and pulling apart boxes. We had a family dinner with cake, balloons and more gifts which finished a really lovely day at home together.

I made a comment that it was a really nice day and Birthday for Charlie.

Little did I know that we would be back in at Emergency two days later!


Rod flew to Perth o Friday to put an engine in an A 330 and Charlie was febrile at 7 that evening. It was just after midnight when we finally got up to the ward and I put my head on the pillow; only to be woken at 2am for Charlotte's blood transfusion. Her platelets had dropped again and the prospects of having her operation were looking slimmer if a transfusion was not given. We usually stay in hospital for 48 hours post admission to Emergency when febrile. Her neutrophils were good and wbc too, so on Sunday at lunch they let us go home. (Thanks to Mandy and the team) YEAH! Another two nights in hospital really exhausted me and Madeleine was feeling the disappointment of yet another visit to SCH. I think her words on Friday night were; "Oh no, not again. I can't believe this!" God love her!


So, we had to cancel Charlotte's morning tea Birthday celebration on the weekend and I was so glad I actually made a cake and we celebrated on Wednesday after everything that had happened. A special thanks to SCH and Charlie's Doctors for the thoughtful gifts and well-wishes too. We are now at home and will be back in on Thursday for chemo and/or her operation depending on her bloods and general health. Our fingers, legs and arms are crossed!!!





Beck and Rod xo