Round 17 went well for Charlotte. We actually had chemo in day clinic  entered in the morning and left that evening. It is only the second time that this has happened since we started chemo 8 months ago. When the nurse said; you can go. Charlotte cheered! We also managed to stay out of hospital leading up to round 18.


Rod took Charlie in on Thursday last (17 June) and they returned home at lunch time after bloods with no bed for chemo. We dont get so upset these days but it does get hard to organise everyone when everything is so tenuous. It also means Rod needs to take time off work that would otherwise not be necessary. On Friday morning when I rang to check again; there were still no beds. So, we all got on the train, went to the beach and the park for a break. While we were there the hospital rang and told us to be in there by 2pm for chemo. So we returned home, packed up the car and off Charlie and I went.


Charlottes first night was pretty hard. She was quite sick and we were both exhausted by Saturday. With some consultation with the Fellow her anti-nausea medication was tweaked and she faired well for the next four days. It was kind of my fault that she was unwell! Usually she is given ondansatron an hour prior to chemo being administered. However, in our rush to get into hospital and set-up I didnt take enough notice that it was given just before the chemo commenced and I dont think it had time to really work.  Overall, she does very well weathering the effects of high-dose methotrexate - a hideous drug!


We were expecting to leave on Monday night but Charlotte spiked a temperature which meant more tests just in case of a greater infection. However, nothing was grown and the temperatures stayed below the magic 38 degrees (febrile) and we were discharged on Tuesday. When we drove into Daisy Ave Charlotte cheered; home Mumma, yeah! She always manages to make me smile. I am not sure who was happier  Charlotte or me?!


Madeleine was a little sad this week with Charlottes stay in hospital. I think, she too is reaching exhaustion with the whole situation. However, she made up for it today bossing Charlotte around and fighting over the prams and baby dolls this evening. NO special treatment in this place!!!


Love to you all,


Beck and Rod