As I pulled up in the Hospital car park last Thursday, the mobile rang and it was the hospital letting me know that there was no bed for Charlie!!!!!! I laughed, got out and went to pathology to have her bloods done and clinic appointment. After that we returned home and unpacked the bags, food and clothes in hope of a bed the following day. We were fortunate enough to get a bed on Friday morning and when we arrived on the ward to an array of hellos I smiled and said; theyve let us in !!!  Charlotte faired quite well and only had two small morning nausea moments which is quite common on the drug she was on. The ward was full and noisy with school holidays bringing more visitors than normal and long stays from many siblings. Sleep was minimal but Charlotte did very well.


Charlotte enjoys the conversation, play and attention of the Nurses, clerical staff and nurse assistants on C2 West. She was particularly happy with the return of her favourite Doctor Doreen (fondly known as bubbles) Doreen taught Charlotte how to blow bubbles and spent countless hours distracting her from endless tests and investigations. Whilst her work on C2 West is just short term Charlie was thrilled. However, not nearly as thrilled as I am that we only have eight rounds of chemo to go (4 months if she doesnt have surgery or any complications.. which is likely!!!!) She also has a routine MRI in two weeks and after the next four rounds more kidney and hearing function tests in order to continue treatment.


It is going to be a big four months for Charlotte. She is quite shaky at the moment and the swelling is slowly building up. I guess the MRI will give the team a better idea about what they need to do.  We are so excited about finishing this treatment but know that Charlie has a long road ahead and it is scary to think about life without chemo and hospital each week because that also means there is nothing trying to fight away what was a very large and malignant tumour.


5 weeks until Spring and 8 rounds of chemo.I would not normally wish my life away but I am counting with such excitement. I am looking forward to Charlotte knowing what is like to feel well, stable, happy and free! She has a fabulous vocabulary and delights us all with her humour and sweet personality. Small children are so adorable and in Charlottes case amazing too! I have a dream about the sort of young woman I want to launch into the world. self-assured, optimistic, adventurous, generous, honest and loving (Growing Great Girls, Ian and Mary Grant) I am still hopeful!


Love to you all,


Beck and Rod xo